Solvent Cleaning and Vapor Degreasing


FRK fluids are versatile, non-flammable fluids with suitable boiling points, excellent materials compatibility and thermal stability. Used in a variety of industrial applications, including solvent cleaning and vapor degreasing. FRK fluids offer a wide margin of safety, low GWP and zero ODP so you don't have to compromise safety and sustainability for excellent performance. FRK Engineered Fluids can meet your solvent cleaning and vapor degreasing needs to reduce cleaning cycle time and improve safety.

Choosing the right option for precision cleaning and vapor degreasing isn't as simple as just buying what you've always bought. For manufacturers who need a circuit board cleaner, electric motor degreaser or other precision parts cleaner, performance is critical – but so is the safety of your operators. More stringent requirements and sustainability initiatives give extra urgency to your selection when you want to find drop-in alternatives for TCE(trichloroethylene), HCFC(hydrochlorofluorocarbon), nPB(n-propyl bromide), or HFC(hydrofluorocarbon) solvents. We've designed our Fluorack™ FRK Engineered Fluids to meet your solvent cleaning and vapor degreasing needs.

Whether you're cleaning electronic components, medical devices or precision machine parts, one solution does not fit all.FRK Fluids feature a broad range of solvency, cleaning strengths and materials compatibilities. Fluorack FRK solutions are compatible with ceramics,metals and plastics in circuit boards. Because of their low surface tension, FRK fluids can penetrate tight spaces and thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas. They evaporate quickly without leaving residue, which means parts get clean faster and costly “drag out” solvent losses are reduced.

FRK fluids are safer alternative to n-propyl bromide (nPB) and trichloroethylene (TCE) because of their high margin of safety. Typical vapor degreaser exposure is 10 ppm and all FRK fluids have a safety margin wide enough for operators to safely use them in this application. In contrast, in order to safely use nPB in vapor degreasing, worker exposure levels need to be reduced to 0.1 ppm, which is set as 8-hour TWA(threshold limit value) by ACGIH(American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists),a 100x lower than typical exposure levels.

Compared to aqueous cleaning, which requires a range of detergents, surfactants, emulsifiers or buffers to add, and work in combination with heat, agitation and time to remove contaminants from industrial parts, FRK cleaning features with shorter cleaning cycle, better cleaning and rinsing and smaller equipment footprint, without following multiple rinsing and drying steps for residues.

Unlike many other cleaning and vapor degreasing fluids, FRK are acceptable substitutes in metals, electronics and precision cleaning applications based on their zero ODP, low GWP, low toxicity and non-flammability, as well as their cleaning strengths. Together,FRK fluids are designed to improve cleaning performance without compromising sustainability or safety. These properties make them a smart choice for a variety of cleaning processes, from light-duty to heavy-duty and everything in between.




  • Excellent cleaning performance

  • High margin of safety for operators

  • Zero ODP(ozone depletion potential)

  • Low GWP (global warming potential)